My Travel Style

Hello again✨

I wanted to make a blog and chat about my outfits from our vacation! I mean…for the most part I was wearing a bikini👙 but I have a few outfits from the evenings that I love, which I thought I’d share with all of you!

Dinner Outfit, number 1🥂

This dress was actually a winners find last year. For the longest time I had no where to wear it…I thought vacation was perfect! I paired it with all white adidas (which I’m obsessed with, by the way🤩)

Dinner Outfit, number 2

This dress is actually my sisters. She bought it at Forever 21, just before it closed. I don’t normally wear purple but I immediately fell in love with this dress. I paired it with wedges from Steve Madden✨

Dinner Outfit, number 3

Ah I loved this outfit😍. I was so excited to pack it because I knew it was the perfect vacation look. I am such a fan of backless shirts, especially if it has some sort of design! I got the shirt from garage and the pants from Forever 21! (so sad forever 21 is out of business)

Dinner Outfit, number 4

This is more of a casual look but I’m obsessed. As much as I love dressing up, I’m definitely causal 80% of the time. This is another shirt from garage, I’m loving this new trend of shirts tying up in the front! My jeans are also from garage. I don’t own a lot of ripped jeans and these jeans are a couple years old. But the perfect pair for vacation☀️.

Dinner Outfit, number 5

5th and final look (I had more outfits, but the 5 looks above were my favourite). This was another casual night. Wearing the same ripped jeans from garage. I got the top from Dynamite clothing. The top is cheetah print🐆, which I am currently obsessed with! Paired with non other than my all white adidas!!🤩 (ladies, I recommend getting a pair of your own).


Well those were some of my favourite looks from vacation. I can’t wait to write more blogs about fashion/my style! I hope you enjoyed seeing my outfits🤩

Let me know which outfit was your favourite!!

Until next time✨