How We Met

Hi loves🥂

I thought id make a blog post about how my boyfriend and I met, since I’ve already mentioned him a few times and I’m sure I will in the future!

How we met…just how everyone meets these days. You guessed it, tinder. It’s your classic tinderella story. Long story short, I was in his city (Toronto) for a concert and we matched. We probably talked on tinder/texted for almost two months before we went on our first date. I was finally enjoying single life and didn’t want a boyfriend. And he had somewhat recently gotten out of a long-term relationship. We also lived about an hour and a half away from each other. Which yes, isn’t that far but I had done long distance in the past and I didn’t want another long distance relationship. But he was very nice and handsome so I agreed to a date (thank god)🙌🏼.

Our first date was August 25th, 2018. We went to the rec room, which is basically a giant arcade with alcohol.  And clearly we hit it off, as you can see in the photo booth posted above. We got drunk and played a bunch of arcade games. And let me tell you, we are both very competitive. I realized very quickly that I wanted this man in my life. Distance didn’t matter…and luckily he felt the same way.

We have been inseparable ever since our first date. It wasn’t the traditional “will you be my girlfriend” story. It was more of a “we spend most of our free time together and we don’t want to date other people” type of thing. That’s why we decided our anniversary is august 25th aka out first date. We have been together for just over a year and a half. We continue to do long distance, but see each other every other weekend. And in just a few months we won’t be doing long distance anymore…but more on that later.

So there you have it. That’s how I met Ryan, my love, my best friend and one of the best people to come into my life. I feel very lucky and thankful to have him.

Stay tuned for more stories about us💕

Until next time✨

Cancun Trip – Barcelo Maya Riviera

Hi Friends

It’s been awhile…I know. My boyfriend and I were on a much needed vacation. We went to Mexico for 7 wonderful days☀️. We stayed at Barcelo Maya Riviera (adults only). The resort was beautiful, and very new….seriously it just opened in December. With the resort being new, it meant it wasn’t very busy and super clean (yay).

I guess this blog is my first review of something!!

SO…would I recommend this resort?? yes!! And i’ll list some of the pros and even the cons for you!


  • Adults only!! not that I have anything against kids but no crying/screaming and hello parents…you deserve a break!
  • It’s brand new…very clean and SO modern (aesthetically pleasing📸).
  • Four very large infinity pools and plenty of places to lay and tan.
  • The beach is less than a minute walk from the pools!!
  • Food from the buffet is amazing…aka so much fried food, chefs making fresh pasta, cheeseburgers and even sushi!!…(also fried mac and cheese balls…oh and a lot of queso) lets just say I gained some weight..but hey I was on vacation.
  • 24/7 bar in the lobby🍹
  • Staff was very nice!!
  • Our room was beautiful, king sized bed and a jacuzzi tub on the balcony


  • The entertainment, not that it was awful but each show was very similar to one another. And since its a new building the space where they have the shows is also a convention centre, so it’s fully indoors. (I prefer the auditoriums that are outside).
  • The buffet only served breakfast and lunch (it was open from 8am to 6pm) so technically you could have an early dinner but after laying in the sun all day you need a nap before dinner. (They have 4 restaurants you can make reservations at, French, Mexican, Italian and Japanese)
  • Portion sizes at the restaurants…food was good (we didn’t try the french restaurant as we aren’t big fans of french food) but the portions we’re quite small…which is unfortunate when the buffet is closed. (They do have sandwiches in the 24/7 bar though, if you are really hungry). Which duh…I love me some food when I’ve have a few too many drinks.

There you have it, my first review on this blog!!! So yes, I would defiantly recommend the Barcelo Maya Riviera to friends, family and you guys! I’d say its on the more pricey side (1’500 + tax) but very worth it. If you are planning a vacation in the near future and have any questions on this place, don’t hesitate to ask!

Next blog will be our vacation style!! So stay tuned…

Until next time✨

Why I started a blog

I thought I’d come on here and make a post about why I started a blog…or why it took me so long!!! I’ve always wanted to start one and I actually did at one point but then I deleted it.

I was hesitant for a few reasons…

  • I didn’t think anyone would read it
  • I didn’t have one particular thing to blog about
  • Didn’t want people to judge

Then I realized….Who cares????🤷🏼‍♀️
I mean, I hope people read it and enjoy (once I get the hang of it) but if not that’s fine to. I enjoy writing…plus I can force my friends, family and boyfriend to read it!

I still don’t know what I’m going to blog about. I do know it won’t be focused on one thing….probably a lot about my relationship (cause I just ❤️ him so much). But also about fashion and being a nurse. And hopefully all the travelling we do…so far one trip planned (which is in 9 days🥂☀️🍹). I also hope to write about my future move to the big city!!! But more on that later.

Until next time✨😘